WW1 Memorial Statue
WW1 Memorial Statue - Hannah Lewi

World War I Memorial

The land that now comprises Alphington Park was originally donated to the community by local residents who saw the proximity to the river as a popular drawcard. It soon become a popular destination as a recreation and swimming area once it was connected to the railway. In 1921 it was chosen as the location for the building of a local memorial to World War I. Local residents raised funding by public subscription, the selling of lapel badges, fancy dress parades, and the hosting of a carnival staged in Alphington Reserve in 1921. The monument, a marble statue of an Australian ‘Digger' soldier, stands in the park as a symbolic commemoration of war service and sacrifice of men who lived in the area (25 who lost their lives and 75 who served). As is customary with such soldier statues, the digger wears the distinctively Australian uniform with slouch hat. He is clean-shaven and stands looking forward with his rifle at ease by his side. The memorial statue is set in a small ornamental garden of hedged rosemary, symbolic of remembrance.

by HannahL on Oct. 2, 2018

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