Green Square
Green Square - CHS

13. [627] Victoria St. Brewery/Vinegar/Skipping Girl

This is the site of the front of Graham's brewery which was eventually bought by Messrs Boyd and Head of the Crown Brewery in Fitzroy, enlarged and expanded, and renamed the Shamrock Brewery, which was one of the firms which amalgamated in 1907 to form Carlton and United Breweries. It was re-built as an imposing tall brick structure around 1890, and was later used by Nycander Vinegar Company. The famous skipping girl illuminated sign was erected on top of it in 1936. After the factory was demolished ca. 1968, the Melbourne Fire Brigade Training College occupied this site until demolished in turn to make way for a new development.

by CollingwoodHS on July 27, 2018

Develpment site, cnr Victoria & Walmer Sts., Abbotsford
Develpment site, cnr Victoria & Walmer Sts., Abbotsford


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