Pelaco advertisement
Pelaco advertisement - The Age 4 June 1920 p. 10

Pelaco Factory 21 Goodwood St Richmond

Established in 1906 by James Pearson and James Law, Pelaco (and its advertising based around an often pantsless Aboriginal man, 'Pelaco Bill', created in 1911 from the image of the Geelong-based Mulga Fred) was already a sufficiently well-known brand in 1922 that the company was able to effectively prevent G. E. Crawford of South Richmond from manufacturing boot polish with the same name (The Age, 18 May 1922, p. 6). In 1928 the Pelaco shirt ('and collar') manufacturer had completely relocated from Gipps St Richmond and Gertrude Street Fitzroy to purpose-built premises in Goodwood St. The sign - now heritage-listed - is visible from 18 Berry St and appears prominently in the film Dogs in Space. There is a tie-in between this sign and the fact that Joe Camilleri, who plays the minor role of 'Terry Towling Man' in the film, was once singer and saxophonist in the group The Pelaco Brothers, who ran a venue at the Kingston Hotel in the mid-1970s.

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