Fire at the Royal Oak Hotel reported on in the Herald
Fire at the Royal Oak Hotel reported on in the Herald - The Herald, 2 May 1872 p.2,

Royal Oak Hotel

The Royal Oak Hotel has continuously operated on this site since 1866, when the site was first licensed to publican Robert Love. Its location on what was at that time the outer periphery of Richmond was important to its success, as Bridge Road was a major transit route to the developing eastern suburbs. The original building, however, is no longer standing, as it was destroyed by fire in April 1872 after tensions between Love and his tenants Robert and Eliza Antisell escalated. Eliza Antisell was charged with arson and incarcerated in Melbourne Gaol, and the hotel had been entirely rebuilt and had reopened by the following month. The current building reflects the expansion of the hotel into a much grander and larger capacity structure which was completed in 1923. While throughout its history the Royal Oak has performed the usual functions of a hotel, such as food and alcohol service and providing accommodation, the hotel took on a new significance from the 1970s as its bandroom became one of Melbourne's foremost alternative music venues (see pin "The Tiger Lounge" on this site.) The Royal Oak Hotel had already been heritage listed as a significant early hotel by this time, more recent heritage listings reflect the later cultural history of the Tiger Lounge as part of the hotel's importance.The Richmond and Burnley Historical Society features the Royal Oak as part of its Bridge Road Heritage Walk:

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