TF Much Ballroom poster
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Central Hall / Cathedral Hall / Former TF Much Ballroom

In 1873, the Exhibition Boot Factory was constructed on this site. In 1902, the building was purchased by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne to use as a large meeting hall adjacent to the St Patrick’s Cathedral site. The factory buildings were converted into a ballroom and a series of smaller clubroom and classroom spaces. These rooms were often used for events related to St Patrick’s Cathedral or to Melbourne’s Catholic community more broadly, such as meetings of the Hibernian friendly society, social events, and events in support of Irish independence. From 1970, John Pinder rented the Cathedral Hall building from the Catholic Church to use as a music venue, known as the TF Much Ballroom, later renamed Much More. Pinder managed a number of emerging bands, including Sons of the Vegetal Mother (which would become Daddy Cool), and the TF Much Ballroom site became a significant live music venue in Melbourne, though the lineups would feature other forms of art and performance, comedy, and vaudeville-style entertainment. Peter Weir directed a short film for the Commonwealth Film Unit in 1972, entitled 3 Directions in Australian Pop Music, which showcases the eclectic lineup of TF Much programmes. After moving on from TF Much, Pinder would go on to set up the Last Laugh at 64 Smith Street in 1976, which would become crucial to the development of Melbourne’s comedy scene, and would establish Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival. Cathedral Hall has been used as part of the Australian Catholic University campus since 1998.

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Much More Ballroom (formerly TF Much) final gig poster
Much More Ballroom (formerly TF Much) final gig poster

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