Fitzroy Larcher Chimney

A brief note on the Larcher chimney site location. -– the chimney is on Larcher’s site and was built after 1906.. Referring to that note and the MMBW map of 1899, the chimney is between 1 Cremorne St and 10 John St.It is definitely on the west side of the rear wall of the John St factory, and within the Larcher siteWhen we visited there on 1 May 2016, I recollect that there was a walk-way east of the chimney before the property boundary.Referring again to that MMBW map, the chimney location was previously Dr Hewlett’s garden, on the western side of his Conservatory. Dr Hewlett died in 1904, and his land in John St and Cremorne St was listed in his estate’s assets on 27 March 1906.Larcher presumably purchased the site from the Hewlett estate after Mar 1906. Pasteurisation regulations were introduced in Aug 1906.Larcher’s dairy was at Moor St by 1907.In May 1908, Larcher and seven other businesses were producing smoke ‘in such quantities as to be a nuisance’ and the owners were required to abate such nuisances.Presumably the tall chimney was constructed soon after May 1908.

by alanskis on June 6, 2018

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Fitzroy Larcher Chimney

Mike Moore

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